About Kaldakur LLC

Kaldakur LLC is a small farm owned by Phil & Amy Eavou.  We have been raising Icelandic Horses since 2002 on our small farm in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.  Phil is a service technician for a large heavy equipment company and Amy has a small sewing business making horse riding pants (www.toltequestrianwear.com – shameless plug!) and also homeschools their daughter.  Kaldakur means “cold field” in Icelandic, and if you have visited us, you know how fitting that word is!  In zone 4b, everything has to be cold hardy up here.  We have operated under Twisted E Ranch and Ice Horse Ranch over the years before we found our perfect Icelandic word for our farm.
Amy has over 20 years experience with Icelandic Horses and has been involved with equines since childhood.  Amy fell in love with the Icelandic Horse after working with an Icelandic stallion while volunteering at Lake FarmPark in Ohio.  The little stallion’s gaits, personality, and power sold her on the breed and she soon purchased her first mare Grásíða frá Grímsstöðum, otherwise known as “Gracie.”  It wasn’t long before Lauga frá Hraukbæ came to us, and we had our first foal.  It snowballed from there.  We produce 2 or 3 Icelandic foals every year, using our bay pinto stallion Brynjar and a few hand picked proven mares.  Our foals are known for exceptional temperaments and great gaits.  With over twenty foals under our belts, we have the experience to know what makes a great horse.  Offering our knowledge and experience after the sale helps new owners be confident they will have a great experience raising their next trail partner.  We have plenty of satisfied owners that will gladly provide references for us!

Over the years we have been working toward being more self-sufficient.  We started providing more for ourselves with chickens, eggs, and a vegetable garden.  We then moved on to sheep, hogs, cattle, and turkeys.  We try to improve our land using methods that are more gentle to the environment like rotational grazing to improve our pastures with minimal soil disturbance.  We raise our animals as naturally as possible, prevention is the best medicine, but do not hesitate to treat or medicate a sick animal.  The animal’s welfare is our #1 concern.  We are constantly learning and try to keep our ideas flexible, with the best interest of our animals and the land at heart.  In 2017 we started planting cold hardy fruits around the farm as edible landscaping to add to our fall harvests.  We have planted several antique varieties of apples, dwarf sour cherries, arctic kiwi, blueberries, haskaps, raspberries, alpine strawberries and several other cold hardy fruits.  We also have a vegetable garden we use for canning and preserving.  We are very interested in permaculture design and implementation.

We began raising Icelandic sheep in 2014.  We enjoy lambing our 15-20 ewes every Spring and enjoying the delicious rewards of all that work in the Fall at harvest time.  We raise purebred horned sheep that are registered with the CLRC.  We have been striving to add high percentage AI bloodlines to our flock to breed for nice thick meat lambs with good wool.  Meat lines and dairy lines run hand in hand, so many of our ewes are great milkers also.  We also use the sheep to help renovate our pastures through intensive rotational grazing (and we are seeing great results).  We offer registered breeding stock, meat lambs and fiber pets for sale.

We have been raising Dexter cattle since 2015.  We absolutely love our cattle – so much more than we anticipated.  We wanted cattle that could provide us with beef and milk but were smaller and calmer for homestead family use (ie. for people with less experience).  After much research, we decided Dexter cattle were the breed to pursue and we purchased our first small starter herd of a bull, two cows and a steer in 2015.  In 2016 while searching for a new bull we discovered Traditional bred Dexter cattle and felt that preserving the original Dexter bloodlines was an effort we wanted to join.  We bought a short Traditional bull (LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus) and added five more Traditional cows to the herd.  We strive to produce PHA free, naturally small cows (with and without the chondro gene) with deep bodies,  nice udders to milk from, a good carcass for the freezer and animals that are calm and smart enough to train.  Birthing ease and quick gains are a must.  We are committed to breeding correct cattle by the original Dexter standards for use on small farms while at the same time, preserving the old original bloodlines.

Contact us for a visit, or to chat about the animals or the farm.  We love to meet new folks!

– Phil & Amy Eavou

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  Galatians 6:9 NIV