Lamb Meat

IMG_7635Taking reservations for Fall 2017 lambs!

Our lambs are pasture raised and finished, no grains or additives other than free choice salt/mineral mix and kelp (no GMOs).  We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our pastures.  We raise them as naturally as possible.

Why Buy Lamb?

Locally Produced

Sheep are ideal for our Northern Michigan climate, lambing when the pasture just starts, and we process lambs when the pasture just finishes for the year.  Our lambs are processed around 6-7 months old.  This results in ideal size, and the lambs are grass finished.  Know your local farmer, know your local food.


No artificial growth hormones are used in our lamb production.

Animal Husbandry

We care about the health and welfare of the sheep and lambs we raise.  We enjoy keeping sheep, and provide a healthy, comfortable existence for our animals.  We make sure our animals have a clean grazing environment, a fresh water source, proper mineral supplementation and protection from predators. Lambs are vulnerable to many predators including coyotes, wolves, mountain lions and bears.  We protect our flocks my rotating them and co-grazing with other larger animals.  We utilize rotational grazing to keep our sheep and pastures healthy and clean.


We have chosen the Icelandic breed for it’s gourmet meat.  No “muttony” flavor, excellent texture and marble – pure deliciousness!


Our lambs are reared on natural forage diets. Our pastures are comprised of many native grasses and forbs. Our clay soil produces diverse, mineral rich pasture for our animals.  Our lambs are marketed directly off these pastures in the Fall before we begin to feed hay.


Sheep’s natural grazing skills make them ideal for controlling weeds naturally.  Sheep improve pasture quality by recycling nutrients back into the soil, minimizing erosion and encouraging native plant growth.  We use a rotational grazing system to ensure clean, healthy pastures for all the animals.  Rotational grazing also helps naturally restore less than perfect pastures.


We take pride in tending to all aspects of our sheep and lambs’ life cycle, from birth to finishing to processing to ensure that you, the consumer, get the safest, freshest, most flavorful natural lamb meat possible.

2017 Pricing

Lambs are $7.00/lb, hanging weight plus processing fees which are due to the processor.  We do not know the exact hanging weight until the lamb is processed, but it is generally between 35-45lbs.  This amount will fit in a normal sized refrigerator freezer.  Halves are available.

We require a $50.00 down payment on your freezer lamb, which will be deducted from the total bill at processing time.  Weaned lambs are also available starting in July, contact us for prices

How Buying a Lamb Works

We will notify you in October of the date we plan on the lambs being finished (lambs may also be picked up at weaning time and finished if you desire).  Generally we try to harvest the first week of November.  We will contact you to find out where you would like your lamb to be processed.  We have a few local processors to choose from, or you may pick up your live lamb and take it to the processor of your choice.  You must contact the processor to place your custom cut order before we drop off your lamb.  The processor can discuss cut choices and the fees that will be due for processing.  We will bill you for the remainder due on the lamb when the processor notifies us of the actual hanging weight.  You will pay Kaldakur LLC for the balance due on the lamb.  The processor will issue you a separate bill for his processing fees when you pick up your meat.  We are here to answer any questions about the process, just contact us!