Our Icelandic Horses


Our Mares

Lauga frá Hraukbæ – IS1989265372 – (Drómi frá Kirkjubæ x Glöð frá Hraukbæ)

1989 12.2h Chestnut w/flaxen mare

Lauga is a fiesty little imported mare, you would never guess she is our senior citizen.  She is a powerhouse, ready to go whenever you will let her.  She is Amy’s riding horse, still going after all these years!  She is a Þáttur frá Kirkjubæ granddaughter.

SpaSpá frá Langhúsum – IS1997258035 – (Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum x Hervör frá Brimnesi)

1997 13.1h Gray (buckskin) mare

Spá is a gorgeous, upright mare that throws our best foals.  She is 5 gaited, with large separated gaits and is very responsive to her rider.  She is imported, and has excellent bloodlines.  She was born a mystery color, registered as silver dapple, but is not likely silver (there is a slim, slim chance it hid in chestnut for several generations, but not likely).  She gave us a mystery colored pseudo silver buckskin foal in 2016 – see Dagmar below.  I suspect this was Spá’s original color before she turned grey.  This foal appeared silver buckskin at birth, but tested negative for silver and for grey.  Now the foal at one year old is white with mixed silver dapple colored mane and tail which should be black according to the DNA testing.  Spá has produced buckskins with non-cream based stallions and has thrown bays and chestnuts that have greyed out normally, so she does carry “normal” grey like her sire Feykir.  I was told Spá means mystery (or forecast) by the breeder in Iceland.  Her color is a true mystery!  She will be bred to Brynjar for a 2018 foal.

brown_icelandic_mareKilja from Twisted E – US2009201453 – (Ljósi from Icelandic Thunder x Náttdis from Clear Lake Farm)

2009 13.1h Light black mare (E/e, a/a, z/z, cr/cr, prl/prl, d/d)

Pretty and naturally gaited, Kilja’s color is a mystery.  She isn’t quite black (more like a dark blue dun or smoky color – with an eel stripe), but we have had her tested for cream, silver, pearl and dun – and she came back negative for all of those.   She has a sweet personality and wants to please you.  She’s had one foal with Brynjar that had a great personality and fantastic natural gaits.  She will be bred to Brynjar for a 2018 foal.

buckskin_icelandic_mareÁrsól from Creekside Farm – US2011204486 – (Álfadans frá Ingólfshvoli x Prinsessa from Rocking R)

2011 13h Buckskin mare

Ársól is a very forward, curious mare.  She is the first to come up in the field and has no fear.  This very well bred mare (she is an Orri frá Þúfu granddaughter) has lots of hair and nice upright conformation.  She has a huge trot and shows an equal amount of supple tolt.  Her foals have exceptional personality.  She will be bred to Brynjar for a 2018 foal.

icelandic_buckskin_pinto_fillyDagmar from Kaldakur – US2016205094 – (Brynjar from Twisted E x Spá frá Langhúsum)

2016 Buckskin pinto mare (N/Cr, Ng/Ng, Nz/Nz)

What a strange colored foal this is.  She was born a light buckskin pinto, but when her foal coat came off she was white with a silver mixed mane and tail.  Her mane and tail have minimal pinto markings in them so that makes it even more difficult to see her coloring.  Regardless, she has a top notch personality and fantastic gaits, so we are retaining her for future breeding and riding.

Stallions & Geldings

bay_pinto_icelandic_stallionBrynjar from Twisted E – US2007103654 – (Glæsir frá Húsey x Lauga frá Hraukbæ)

2007 13h Bay pinto stallion (E/e, A/A)

Brynjar is everything one could ask for, a true once in a lifetime horse.  He is absolutely gorgeous with his impeccable self carriage, he has great gaits with large movements and has a super personality.  He was very easy to train and has a great work ethic.  He consistently passes superb personality, ease of training and great gaits onto his foals.

silver_dunskin_stallion_icelandicSilfri from Twisted E – US2010104313 – (Ljósi from Icelandic Thunder x Náttdis from Clear Lake Farm)

13.1h Silver dunskin gelding (Aa, Z/z, Cr/cr, D/d)

Silfri is large and stocky with a great personality.  He is truely stunning to look at.  He has a great work ethic and has been easy to train – he aims to please you.  He appears to be 4 gaited with lots of natural tolt.  He is a triple dilute, being a silver dapple buckskin dun (silver dunskin).