Our Icelandic Horses

Mares & Fillies

Lauga frá Hraukbæ

  • IS1989265372
  • DOB: 1989
  • Color: Chestnut with flaxen
  • Height: 12.2
  • Sire: Drómi frá Kirkjubæ
  • Dam: Glöð frá Hraukbæ

Lauga has been with me since 2001, and she is still going strong in her old age.  She looks great and is as feisty as ever!

Spá frá Langhúsum

  • USIHC Reg #:  IS1997258035
  • DOB: 1997
  • Color: Grey (Buckskin)
  • Height: 13.1
  • Sire: Feykir frá Hafsteinsstöðum
  • Dam: Hervör frá Brimnesi

This mare has a power packed pedigree, she has Feykir as a sire, Hervar frá Sauðárkróki and Rauður frá Kolkuósi as a grandsires and Hörður frá Kolkuósi as a great grandsire.  She’s a blast to ride and is gorgeous to boot.  If you can pry one of her offspring away from me, you will have yourself a true Gæðingur.

Kilja 2012

Kilja from Twisted E

  • USIHC Reg #: US2009201453
  • DOB: 5/21/2009
  • Color: Black ((E/e, a/a, z/z, cr/cr, prl/prl, d/d))
  • Height: 13.1
  • Sire: Ljósi from Icelandic Thunder
  • Dam: Náttdis from Clear Lake Farm

This mare has a sweet personality and great gaits.  She’s a great broodmare too!

buckskin icelandic mare
Ársól 2017

Ársól from Creekside Farm

  • USIHC Reg #: US2011204486
  • DOB: 4/24/11
  • Color: Buckskin
  • Height: 13
  • Sire: Álfadans frá Ingólfshvoli
  • Dam: Prinsessa from Rocking R

This mare’s got the trifecta, good looks, great gaits and personality to boot!  With a pedigree including Orri frá Þúfu, Ófeigur frá Flugumýri and Máni frá Raufarfelli 2 – she has the genetics to back it up.  She throws gorgeous foals with excellent temperaments.

Dagmar 2016

Dagmar from Kaldakur

  • USIHC Reg #: US2016205094
  • DOB: 6/3/16
  • Color: Buckskin Pinto (N/Cr, Ng/Ng, Nz/Nz)
  • Height:
  • Sire: Brynjar from Twisted E
  • Dam: Spá frá Langhúsum

This little mare is following close in her mother’s footsteps.  She’s got great conformation, a curious personality, and big gaits.  We have high hopes for her future.

Stallions & Geldings

Brynjar from Twisted E

  • USIHC Reg #: US2007103654
  • Sex: Stallion
  • DOB: 5/1/07
  • Color: Bay Pinto (E/e, A/A)
  • Height: 13
  • Sire: Glæsir frá Húsey
  • Dam: Lauga frá Hraukbæ

Brynjar is my once in a lifetime horse.  He is gorgeous, has great gaits, a great personality and throws all of this into his foals.  You cannot ask for more than this stallion gives.  His babies are a great testimony to his talents!

silver buckskin dun colt
Einsi 2017

Einsi from Kaldakur

  • USIHC Reg #: Pending
  • Sex: Colt
  • DOB: 5/15/17
  • Color: Silver Dunskin
  • Height:
  • Sire: Silfri from Twisted E
  • Dam: Ársól from Creekside

This little guy was a great surprise.  His grandsire (Ljósi) was a silver dunskin, and the year we gelded him he threw us another silver dunskin (Silfri).  Well guess what we got when we used Silfri before we gelded him?  Another silver dunskin!  He’s got his sire and dam’s great personalities, loose gaits, and we are excited to see how he matures.