List of Icelandic Names “E”

2017 Icelandic Ewe Lamb
Elsí, 2017 ewe lamb out of Ísing, by Branch.

This is the next installment of my Icelandic names list.  All names are either approved Icelandic human names or collected names of Icelandic animals.  All names may not be approved for Icelandic horse registries.  The list is evolving and I do add to it occasionally.  There will be more male names added at some point, but it being the “E” year for sheep, I wanted to get some of them listed on the site.

Here is a quick pronunciation guide for the letters that we do not have in English:

á – ah, as in ah-ha

é – yeh, as in the “ye” in yell

í – long e, as in eat

ó – long o, as in oh

ú – oo, as the “ui” in fruit

ý – long e, as in eat

þ – th, as in the “th” in those

ð – th, as in the “th” in those

ö – uh, as the “u” in sun

j – j us put with the letter d sometimes and it sounds like a “y.” For example, Djákni is pronounced “dee-yahk-nee.”

au – oy, as “oy” in boy.

ei – long a as the “a” in day.

Male Names

Ebeneser “Helper” originally a Hebrew man’s name.
Eddi Nickname for various men’s names.
Eðall Noble, splendid, excellent.
Efi Doubt.
Eflir He who strengthens or supports.
Efstur Uppermost, first.
Eggert Man’s name (of german origin) – strong point (of a knife, etc).
Egill Man’s name – fear, terror.
Eiðfaxi The first horse born in Iceland – Oath + mane
Eiður Man’s name of uncertain origin – oath.
Eiki Nickname for the man’s name Eiríkur.
Eilífur Eternal, perpetual.
Eimir Distiller.
Eimur 1) Steam. 2) Pleasant smell, fragrance.
Einar Man’s name (of Nordic origin) – he who fights alone.
Einbjörn Man’s name – one, alone + bear.
Einfari Unsociable.
Einherji He who fights alone.
Einir Common juniper Juniperus communis.
Einsemd Lonelieness.
Einseyringur Coin (one-hundredth of a króna).
Einsi Nickname for the man’s name Einar.
Einstakur Unique, single.
Eirfaxi Shield, spare + mane.
Eiríkur Man’s name – always, at all times + powerful.
Eitill 1) Lymph gland. 2) Small lightcolored spot in a horse’s eye (supposed to indicate harsh or spirited character).
Eitur Poison/toxic.
Ekill Driver.
Eldar Fire mans name.
Eldberg Name combined of “Eld-“= fire and “-berg”= rock.
Eldbjörn Fire + bear.
Elddreki Fire + dragon.
Eldfari Fire + traveller.
Eldfaxi Fire + mane.
Eldfákur Fire + horse.
Eldgrímur Old nordic man’s name combined of “Eld-” = fire and “-grímur” = mask, covered, hidden face.
Eldhrímnir The name is composed of “Fire” = fire and “-hrímnir” = giant name, or frost.
Eldibrandur He who moves with tremendous speed.
Eldir 1) Fire. 2) Name of Ægir’s cook (norse mythology).
Eldjárn 1) Fire + iron. 2) Icelandic family name, surname.
Eldur Fire, flame.
Eldvaki Firestarter.
Eldþór Fire + Þór (god in norse mythology)
Elgur Moose, (UK) elk.
Elías Man’s name (greek origin).
Elínbergur Men’s names composed of a female name “Elín-” and “-bergur” = saver.
Elís Man’s name – different spelling of the name Elías.
Eljar Masculine form of the woman’s name Elja.
Elji Masculine form of the word Elja.
Elli Nicknames for various men’s names.
Elliði Man’s name.
Elmar Man’s name.
Elrir Alder, alnus (tree).
Elvar Man’s name – feminine form of the woman’s name Elva.
Emil Man’s mane of French origin.
Emmi Nickname for various men’s names.
Endill Sea-king’s name.
Engilbert Man’s name – Angel + shine, gleam.
Engill Angel.
Erfingi Heir, successor.
Erill Busy activity.
Erlendur Man’s name of uncertain meaning.
Ernir Masculine form of the woman’s name Erna (eagle).
Eron Man’s name with unsure meaning. Most likely deriving from the name Aron.
Eros God of love (Greek mythology).
Erpir Erpur – maroon, bay (color).
Erpur Man’s name – Maroon, bay coloring.
Erró A famous Icelandic painter, artist.
Esjar Masculine form of the woman’s name Esja.
Eskingur Blowing snow.
Eskir Ash (tree).
Espólín Old Icelandic family name, surname.
Espur Hotheaded, temperamental, quick-tempered.
Evert Originally a foreign name, short version of the man’s name “Eberhard”.
Eydal Icelandic family name, surname.
Eydalín Name a fictional character from Iceland Halldor Laxness.
Eyðir Whoever destroys, kills.
Eyfi Nickname for various men’s names.
Eyfirðingur Man from Eyjafjörður.
Eyfjörð Icelandic family name, surname.
Eyjólfur Man’s name – always, at all times + wolf.
Eykur Horse, mule or ox pulling a cart, plough etc.
Eymundur Man’s name – always, at all times + gift, time.
Eyrir Coin (one-hundredth of a króna).
Eyrnir Ear.
Eysteinn Man’s name – always, at all times + stone.
Eyvindur Man’s name – always, at all times + hero, warrior, champion.
Eyvinur Always + friendship.
Eyþór Man’s name combined of “Ey-“= always and “-þór” = God of thunder.
Élfaxi Sudden fall of snow (or hail) + mane.

Female Names

Ebba Pet form of Elisabet.
Ebonney Variant of Ebony.
Edda 1) Great Grandmother. 2) One of the Icelandic sagas.
Edel Woman’s name, variant of Edela.
Edil Woman’s name, variant of Edel.
Edit Woman’s name, Nordic form of Edith.
Edith Woman’s name, English form of Eadgð.
Eðaldís Noble, splendid, excellent + goddess.
Eðja Mud.
Eðla Lizard.
Eðna Woman’s name, Old Norse form of Edna.
Efadís Doubt + goddess.
Efasemd Doubt, qualm.
Efemía Woman’s name, form of Euphemia, meaning “to speak well.”
Efling Reinforcement.
Efridís Higher, more exalted + goddess.
Efrivör Upper lip.
Eftirsjá Regret, sense of loss.
Eftirvænting Expectation.
Egedía Woman’s name, Female form of Egidius, meaning ‘kid, young goat’ or ‘shield (made of goat skin)’.
Egg 1) Mountain ridge. 2) Fear, terror. 2) Edge (of a weapon).
Eggrún Woman’s name, combination of ‘egg’ meaning edge (of a weapon) and ‘run’ or secret.
Egla Feminine form of the man’s name Egill (fear or terror).
Eiða 1) Swear an oath. 2) Mother in old poetic language.
Eiðfaxa Feminine form of the name Eiðfaxi (the first horse born in Iceland, oath + mane).
Eiðný Woman’s name, oath + new.
Eiðunn Woman’s name, oath + wave.
Eik Woman’s name – oak.
Eileiþía Woman’s name, variant of Eileithyia, meaning ‘the readycomer.’
Eilíf Eternal, perpetual.
Eiming Distillation.
Eimyrja Ember.
Einbeitt Resolute, determined, intent.
Einbjörg Woman’s name, combination of ‘ein’ meaning one or alone and ‘björg’ meaning to help or rescue.
Eindís Woman’s name – one, alone + goddess.
Einey Woman’s name – one, alone + happiness.
Einfríður Woman’s name, combination of ‘ein’ meaning one or alone and ‘fríður’ meaning beautiful.
Einhildur Woman’s name, combination of ‘ein’ meaning one or alone and ‘hildur’ meaning battle or fight.
Einína Female form of Einar, meaning to battle alone.
Eining Unity, solidarity.
Einrún Woman’s name, combination of ‘ein’ meaning one or alone and ‘rún’ meaning secret.
Einstök Unique.
Einurð Determination.
Eir Woman’s name of Nordic origin – to spare someone.
Eira Rest, calm, patience.
Eirdís eir’ meaning ‘protection’, ‘peace’, ‘calm’, ‘help’ and ‘dís’ meaning goddess.
Eirfinna Woman’s name, combination of ‘Eir’ meaning protection or peace and ‘finna’ meaning wanderer.
Eiríka Female form of Eiríkur (always, at all times + powerful).
Eiríksína Woman’s name.
Eirný Woman’s name, ‘eir’ meaning ‘protection’, ‘peace’, ‘calm’, ‘help’, and ‘ný’ meaning new or waxing moon.
Eirún Woman’s name, ‘ei’ is a name element and ‘rún’ means secret.
Eisa 1) A hot ash, fire. 2) strong ocean current. 3) Large quantities sleek, glow.
Eistla Troll woman title.
Eiturlöpp The name is a combination of “poison/toxic” = troublesome and “-löpp” = foot.
Eivör Always, forever + cautious, careful.
Ekkja Widow.
Ekla Scarcity, want, shortage.
Ekra Plantation, field.
Elba Woman’s name, nickname for German names.
Elda 1) Fire. 2) Daybreak.
Eldbjörg Fire + help, aid.
Eldblesa Fire + blaze.
Eldborg Fire + castle, fort. Famous volcanic crater in West- Iceland
Eldbrá Fire + eyelash, appearance.
Elddís Fire + goddess.
Eldey Pillar of rock (island) South-West of Reykjanes.
Eldfim Inflammable.
Eldfluga 1) Fire + fly. 2) Rocket (fly).
Eldfrá Fire + fast.
Eldgjá Volcanic fissure.
Eldhetta Fire + hood.
Eldibranda She who moves with tremendous speed.
Elding Flash of lightning.
Eldkúla Ball of fire, volcanic crater.
Eldkvika Burning lava.
Eldlilja Fire + lily.
Eldmolda Fire + buckskin mare.
Eldnös Fire + white snip – Chestnut mare with a snip.
Eldraun Difficult puzzle, test.
Eldrós Fire + rose.
Eldrún Fire + hidden, true friend.
Eldsál Fire + soul.
Eldskör Fire + edge.
Eldsnör Fast as lightning.
Eldspýta Match.
Eldstjarna Fire + star – Chestnut mare with a star.
Eldsýn Fire + sight, view, vision.
Eldvaka Feminine form of Eldvaki (firestarter).
Eldvík A small bay in Thingvallavatn – Fire + small bay, cove, inlet.
Eldvör Fire + be on one’s guard.
Eldþóra Icleandic form of Eldora.
Elea Variant form of Ella.
Elena Variant form of Helene.
Eleina Variant form of Elaina.
Elektra Name of a nymph in greek mythology
Elenborg Woman’s name Elen + Borg (aid,rescue).
Elenóra Variant form of Eleonora.
Elfa Women’s names with unclear meaning. Probably means the river but could possibly also wet dark mark or wizard.
Elfting Scouring rushes, horsetails (Equisetales).
Elfur River.
Elina Icelandic form of Helena.
Elinborg Icelandic combination of Ell (Ella) + Borg (aid, rescue).
Elinóra Icelandic form of Elinor.
Elía Icelandic spelling of Elia.
Elíana Icelandic form of Eliana.
Elín Woman’s name – Nordic form of Helena.
Elína Nordic form of Helena.
Elíná Icelandic variant of Elina.
Elínbet New combination of Ell (Ella) + Bet (derived from Beth or Elizabeth).
Elínbjörg Variant of Elínborg.
Elínbjört New Combination of Ell (Ella) + Björt (bright, shining, light).
Elínborg Woman’s name Elen + Borg (aid,rescue).
Elíndís Elín + goddess.
Elíngunnur New Combination of Ell (Ella) + Gunn (fight).
Elínheiður New combination of Ell (Ella) + Heið (bright, clear).
Elínora Icleandic form of Elinor.
Elínrós New combination of Ell (Ella) + Ros (Rose, flower).
Elírós Icleandic variant of Elínrós.
Elísa Woman’-s name – originally nickname for Elisabeth.
Elísabet Woman’s name.
Elíta 1) Elite. 2) Superior group.
Elíza Icelandic creative spelling of Elísa.
Elja Diligence, perseverance.
Elka Latinised variant form of Elke.
Ella Nickname for various women’s names.
Ellen Variant of Elinor.
Elley New combination of Ell (Ella) + Ey (Island, floodplain).
Ellisif Nordic form of Elisaveta.
Ellín Icelandic variant of Elín.
Elly Variant form of Ella.
Ellý Originally a short name on a variety of Women’s names, now used as a personal name.
Elma Women’s names with unclear meaning.
Elna Woman’s name – short name for Helena.
Elsa Woman’s name – originally a shortname for Elísabet.
Elsabet Variant of Elisabet.
Elsie Variant of Elsi.
Elsí Icleandic spelling of Elsi.
Elska Love.
Elsý Icleandic spelling of Elsy.
Elting To chase, to pursue.
Elva Woman’s name, another spelling of the woman’s name Elfa
Elvi Short form of Alva or Elvira.
Elvíra Woman’s name of uncertain origin an meaning, Icelandic spelling of Elvira.
Elvý Icelandic spelling of Elvy.
Embla The first woman (norse mythology).
Emelíana Icelandic spelling of Emeliana.
Emelína Icelandic spelling of Emilina.
Emeralda Variant form of Emerald.
Emilía Icelandic spelling of Emilia.
Emilíana Icelandic spelling of Emiliana.
Emilíanna Icelandic spelling of Emilianna.
Emilý Icelandic spelling of Emily.
Emma Nickname for the woman’s name Emilía.
Emmý Icelandic spelling of Emmy.
Emý Icelandic spelling of Emy.
Emstra Trouble, bother, pains.
Ending Suffix, durability, end.
Engey Island in Kollafjörður in South-Western Iceland.
Enea Female variant of Einar.
Eneka Variant of Enika.
Engilbjört Angel + fair, bright.
Engilblíð Angel + tender, mild.
Engilbrá Angel + eyelashes, appearance.
Engilfín Angel + smart, elegant.
Engilfríð Angel + beautiful.
Engilhæra Angel + hair.
Engilráð Angel + solution, way out.
Engilrós New combination of Engil (angel) + Ros (rose, flower).
Engilsól Compound name of “Engil-” = Angel and “-sól” = Sun.
Engjarós Meadow + rose.
Engla Younger short form of Engela.
Enika Name of unknown origin, possibly a pet name of Ena.
Eníta Icelandic spelling of Enita (Anita).
Enja Nordic spelling of Enya.
Enóla Icelandic spelling of Enola.
Eres Wonderful.
Epla Apple.
Erika Female form of Erik, latin erica = heather, a flower.
Erin Variant form of Eirin.
Erja 1) Scratch, scrape snow off grass. 2) Argument, dispute
Erla 1) Woman’s name. 2) White wagtail Motacilla alba (bird).
Erlen Icelandic short form of Erlenda.
Erlendína Feminine form of the man’s name Erlendur.
Erlín Variant form of Erlen.
Ermenga Icelandic short form of Ermengard.
Erna Woman’s name – female eagle.
Erpa Feminine form of Erpur (bay).
Erta 1) Irritate, tease, provoke. 2) Pea.
Erting Irritation, teasing, provoking.
Esja 1) Mountain close to Reykjavík. 2) Woman’s name.
Eskill Ash tree.
Eskimær Scouring rush Mippochaele hiemalis (tree) + maiden.
Eskja Box, casket.
Esmeralda Spanish name meaning Emerald.
Ester Woman’s name – young woman.
Esther Woman’s name.
Estiva Name of unknown origin.
Ethel English short form of names beginning with Ethel or Adal.
Etna Anglicised form of Eithne.
Eufemía Icelandic spelling of Euphemia.
Eva Woman’s name, Icelandic spelling of Eve.
Evelyn English variant of Evelina.
Evey English variant spelling of Evy, new combination of Ev (Evy) + Ey (island, floodplain).
Evfemía Icelandic form of Euphemia.
Evgenía Icelandic spelling of Evgenia.
Evíta Icelandic spelling of Evita.
Evlalía Icelandic form of Eulalia.
Evra Euro (currency).
Ey Island.
Eybjörg Icelandic variant of Eyborg.
Eybrá Name combined of “Ey-” = luck, happiness and “-brá” = appearance, eyelash, eyelid.
Eydís Nordic woman’s name combined of “Ey-” = luck and “-dís” = fairy, goddess. (island + goddess?)
Eyða Blank, hole, empty space.
Eyfríður Ey (island, floodplain) + Frið (beautiful).
Eygerður Ey (island, floodplain) + Gerð (garden, enclosure).
Eygló 1) Woman’s name – always, all the time + shine, gleam. 2) Sun (old poetic language).
Eyja Island.
Eyjadís Ey (island, floodplain) + Dís (goddess).
Eyjalín Ey (island, floodplain) + the goddess Hlín.
Eyleif Female form of Eyleifur.
Eylín New combination of Ey (island, floodplain) + Lín (linen, fabric).
Eymd Misery, wretchedness, poverty.
Eyrarós Arctic riverbeauty (Epilobium latifolium) flower.
Eyrarrós Arctic riverbeauty (Epilobium latifolium) flower.
Eyrós New combination of Ey (island, floodplain) + Rós (rose, flower).
Eyrún Always, forever + hidden, true friend.
Eyva Icelandic variant of Ava.
Eyveig New combination of Ey (island, floodplain) + Veig (power, strength).
Eyvör Always, forever + cautious, careful.
Eyþóra Female form of Eyþór.
Eyþrúður Ey (island, floodplain) + Þrúð ( strength).
Élhríma Sudden fall of snow (or hail) + hoarfrost.