Irish Dexter Cattle For Sale

Included in the sale of every cow is:

  • DNA genotyping/parent verification from UC Davis.
  • Legacy registration and transfer fees.
  • 840 RFID tags.

We recently decided to work on strictly traditional bred cows and decided to sell the few non-traditional cows that we had on the farm.  The heifer calves were not dehorned as we had planned on retaining them for ourselves – and we like the horns.  The bull calves are dehorned.  Most of the genotyping/parent verification has been done on the calves and the registrations will be completed as needed.  They will be registered in Legacy and can be registered in either ADCA or PDCA as they will have DNA on file at UC Davis.  Contact us with any questions.

Sale Bulls/Steers

Kaldakur Eustice

Legacy Registration #:
ADCA Registration #:
DOB: 6/27/17
Genotyped: pending
Horned/Polled: dehorned
Color: Black
Sex: Bull
A2 Status: untested
PHA Status: obligate non-carrier
Chondro Status: test pending (most likely carrier)

Sire: LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus 040846
Dam: KRV Miss Honey Dew 024894

Price $1000.00 USD

This little bull calf has personality plus.  Eustice has a masculine, blocky head, straight topline and is one thick and curly haired little guy.  He was born 19″ tall on June 27th, 2017.  We suspect he is short and will be testing soon.  His dam is small, thick-bodied, and has a great temperament.  He is sired by our short bull Marcus, who comes from a line of superior udders, and is short, thick-bodied and straight.  He should stay small and thick like his parents.  Nice little herd bull prospect!

Eustice October 22, 2017

Sale Cows

KRV Queen Ann

ADCA: #021478
Legacy: L02676TH-08HH
PDCA: 205264
Type: Modern Horned
DOB: 2/22/08
Genotyped: Yes
Horned/Polled: Horned (dehorned)
Color: Black (carries red)
A2 Status: A1/A2
PHA Status: N/N (negative)
Chondrodysplasia Status: Untested (non-carrier)

Price: $1000 USD – exposed to LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus for 2018 calf

Sire: Llanfair’s Sean 011412
Dam: Chautauqua Cate 012896

Queen Ann is a short-statured, non-chondro, deep bodied cow.  She calves easily and has lots of milk for fast-growing calves.  Her calf was born average sized but grew at an accelerated rate compared to any other calves we had this year.  She is bred back to Marcus for a May 2018 calf.  Her heifer calf from Marcus that she had in 2017 is Ebeline, listed below.

Queen Ann 2017

KRV Miss Honey Dew

ADCA: #024894
Legacy: L02591HP-10HH
PDCA: 206490
Type: Modern Horned
DOB: 5/20/10
Genotyped: Yes
Horned/Polled: Horned (dehorned)
Color: Black (carries red)
A2 Status: A1/A2
PHA Status: N/N (negative)
Chondrodysplasia Status: N/N (non-carrier)

Sire: Sir Aurthur McDuggel 021829
Dam: Duchess Of Cromworth 016081

Price: $1000 – exposed to LPFM Lakeport SM Marcus for May 2018 calf

Miss Honey Dew is a favorite cow around here.  She is halter broke and has been shown by kids.  Great, quiet personality on this cow.  She gave us our top pick of the bull calves this year Kaldakur Eustice (listed above).  She is quite small but is not a chondro carrier.  She hasn’t had any calving issues and is exposed to Marcus for a May 2018 calf.

Miss Honey Dew 2017

Kaldakur Ebeline

Legacy: # Pending
Type: Modern Horned
DOB: 5/24/17
Genotyped: Pending
Horned/Polled: Horned
Color: Black
A2 Status: A1/A2
PHA Status: Obligate Non-Carrier
Chondrodysplasia Status: Untested (Non-Carrier)

Sire: Lakeport SM Marcus 040846
Dam: KRV Queen Ann 021478

Price: $1000 USD

This heifer is a nice, blocky calf.  Her dam had lots of milk and she grew quickly, I expect she will pass that trait on to Ebeline.  She grow up to be a naturally short (non-carrier) deep bodied cow.  Ebeline was the fastest growing calf of the season.

Ebeline 2017